Scan and index paper documents to Google Drive using any MFP copier or TWAIN-compliant scanner.

User-defined index cards let you add index fields to your documents, such as date, document type, and customer name.

Office to Google Drive - gDocScan menu item in Outlook, Word, and Excel menus lets you add index fields and store documents to Google Drive.

Document Imaging Indexing Features

You can define up to 100 index fields, such as document type, invoice date, and customer name.

gDocScan provides an Upload Queue, and the ability to select individual documents for upload. This lets you scan and import documents, but delay uploading of documents to Google Drive, in order to later add new pages and/or new data to the documents.

For example, a cellular retailer could scan the photo ID and signed contract of new users, but defer entering all data or all pages, until receipt of credit-score documents or data from carriers.

For structured documents, such as invoices, gDocScan can perform automatic form recognition and zone OCR to read the invoice number, amount and date from the invoice.

When indexing documents, you can choose values from a user-defined pick list, e.g., for a Document Type field, you could create a pick of list of valid document types, such as Contract, Proposal, Bid.

Use up to ten barcodes as index fields, to eliminate or reduce data entry.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) lets you find paper documents by content, that is, by words or phrases in the documents.

Scanning Software Features

Scan with multiple scanners, at different locations.

Image clean-up processing, including de-skew and noise removal improve the quality of your images.

Lookup button speeds data entry. For example, enter a Customer Number and use the Lookup button to fill in the customer name and address, from any SQL or ODBC-compliant database.

When scanning, there is a Duplicate checkbox next to each field. If Dup is checked on, the entered data is copied to the next document. This makes data entry faster if you are scanning documents that have some of the same index fields, such as customer name.

Virtual Scan can import files from folders, including TIFF files and text PDF files scanned from any MFP copier.

Pattern recognition can identify the starting page of each new document in a batch of documents, or you can use barcodes as document delimiters.

gDocScan can save a copy of all scanned images on your local computer.